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Cardiac Rhythm Management - AMETEK EMC

Cardiac Rhythm Management

AMETEK Engineered Medical Components (EMC) has been designing and developing reliable components for Cardiac Rhythm Management devices for more than 25 years.
World-Class Medical Component Manufacturing
We offer highly competitive custom services with all our brands: Avicenna, Laserage and TSE. Each brand is focused on unique processes in the manufacturing of components and assemblies for CRM devices.  These unique processes include:

  • TSE’s manufacturing of programming and recharging antennas for pacemakers and also supplying patient monitoring cables for the medical equipment
  • Avicenna’s ability to laser ablate fine wire and lead insulation to exacting standards
  • Laserage’s ability to laser weld reliably key implant metal assemblies
Components for Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices
We are the leading provider of compact, accurate, and advanced components and assemblies for CRM devices including:

  • Recharge antennas for pacemakers and ICDs
  • Programming cables
  • Implanted lead conductors
  • Ablated lead body tubing
  • Welded titanium shells
  • Welded MP35N electrical assemblies
Precision laser-cut tube profiles and high-precision micro laser-welding Precision welding and fine laser-cut CRM components.
Advantages for Cardiac Rhythm Management
Our laser processed solutions offer reliability, accuracy, improved patient outcomes, lower manufacturing and operational costs, and advanced functionalities to our clients.
Laser Processing and Welding for Absolute Precision
Unlike traditional manufacturers, our CRM components and assemblies are 100% laser processed. From laser welding the delicate leads to laser cutting electrical— out of metals such as titanium, and niobium—we cut thousands of titanium cans for CRM devices like pacemakers and defibrillators.
Our Precision Focused—Ablation Process
Precision is why they choose us. At Avicenna, we ablate multi-lumen tubes as well as ablating fine wire insulations as one of our unique offerings in the CRM device market. It allows us to sustain maximum precision in the components we manufacture for our clients no matter how complex the design is.
Custom Cable Assemblies — Made Specific to Your Requirements
Every solution for our customers is custom-made. Whether in our Midwest manufacturing facilities or our near shore LCM region, your cable assemblies are manufactured to ISO:13485 controlled standards.  This means every solution we manufacture is made keeping our client’s specific quality requirements in mind. Our engineers develop and execute unique manufacturing processes and procedures to give you what you need.
Quality Solutions — Made Specific with ISO Controlled Requirements.
This means every manufacturing solution is reliable and repeatable per ISO standards.  All our procedures and inspections are conducted to exacting standards. Our engineers ensure excellence in the day-to-day manufacturing environment of our facilities.
25 Years of CRM Expertise
We offer more than 25 years of experience in the CRM market. Our team of highly experienced engineers and medical device expertise ensures repeatability of the manufacturing process to cost-effectiveness and reliability for our customers.
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