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What are orthopedic medical devices?
The orthopedics sector is innovation-driven, rapidly growing, and evolving. It involves the treatment of degenerative conditions and disorders including osteoarthritis, bone fractures, joint dislocations, and scoliosis. Common medical devices used for orthopedic applications include:

  • Joint replacement implants with the most common being hip or knee arthroplasty
  • Spine stabilization implants, such as spinal cages, rods, screws, and fixation plates
  • Restorative or regenerative implants
  • Instruments and accessories that support implants such as surgical tools, inserters, and drivers
  • Dental, craniomaxillofacial and sports injuries
Orthopedic Surgical Tools - AMETEK EMC
Growth in the orthopedic device market
The orthopedic device market is growing in complexity and even more in innovations. If we look at the numbers, the global orthopedic devices market size, valued at roughly USD 50 billion in 2021 is now expected to expand at an annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 3% between 2022 and 2028 to $50 billion.

The major factors bringing growth in the orthopedic device market are:

  • Rising prevalence of osteoporosis and musculoskeletal diseases;
  • increasing number of joint replacement and joint reconstruction surgeries,
  • increasing incidence of sports and traumatic injuries;
  • growing geriatric population;
  • growing technological innovation in the field; and
  • rising patient interest in minimally invasive orthopedic tools and surgeries.
These factors have also set the stage for constant innovation and advancement in orthopedic tools, implants, and devices.
Precision component manufacturing for orthopedic devices and tools
AMETEK EMC has been a leading manufacturer in the orthopedic device market for decades. With regular technology improvements, we’ve adapted to the latest improved capabilities. Precision cutting of tube and sheet as well as precision welding with lasers is the key to our capabilities. With our technological and engineering expertise, we provide the best solutions to your orthopedic end-product needs. Most of the orthopedic engineering & manufacturing takes place at our US-based Laserage facility based in Waukegan, Illinois. AMETEK EMC’S brand Laserage has expert manufacturing and engineering capabilities which include:

  • laser cutting,
  • laser welding,
  • surface finishing,
  • electro-polishing, and
  • micro-blasting.
We help in manufacturing newly engineered orthopedic tools, implants, and devices as well as support improving existing medical devices throughout a wide variety of orthopedics projects.

Medical Parts Cutting - Orthopedic Tools - AMETEK EMC Laser Swiss precision-processed tubes for orthopedic tools
Biocompatible Materials - key to quality and durability:
We support the manufacture of orthopedic tools, implants, and devices with industry-approved and standardized biomaterials.
  • The majority of orthopedic implants are made of titanium and titanium alloys, some use stainless steels.
  • Orthopedic tools are for the most part made of stainless steels and harder steel components.
  • We are also involved in working with non-metal implant materials such as PEEK, alumina, zirconia, and more.
These biomaterials are industry-accepted and reliable. The metal, plastic, and ceramic biomaterials are used to provide accurate resistance, strength, and durability for the orthopedic device to provide optimal treatment for patients.
AMETEK EMC’S key capabilities and services for the orthopedic market
At our Laserage facility, we manufacture bespoke customer-specified orthopedic tools as well as orthopedic implants. We equally serve major orthopedic OEMs as well as smaller OEMs that support niche orthopedic segments.

For orthopedic tools we manufacture flexible shaft patterns that are highly customized and specific to the project. These allow our customers’ instruments to provide patient-specific outcomes for orthopedic replacements and restorations.

Flexible Shaft Tube - Orthopedic tools - AMETEK EMC

We also manufacture tools for heavy fractures, such as traumatic wrist and ankle fractures as well as components for fixation devices, titanium, and stainless steel tubular components.

From laser cut components, such as flexible hones and drills, to laser welding for hip replacement sockets tools, Laserage can provide a wide range of precision manufactured components and assemblies.

Having been involved in the spine business for a long time, Laserage engineers and laser-cuts screws, as well as plastic and titanium implants for disc replacement in multiple designs. Custom manufacture for clients’ specific project requirements is standard

Laser Cut Screws - Laserage - AMETEK EMC
Equipped with a fleet of over 45 laser systems utilizing over 65 lasers and driven by a team of 100+ committed employees, Laserage carries the ability to turn the most challenging project into reality. This includes the processing of implantable medical device components from laser-cutting to the finished component, including the intermediate steps like annealing, shape setting, micro-abrasive blasting, electropolishing, and more.

Laser Cutting - Factory - AMETEK EMC
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