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Avicenna Capabilities

Avicenna Capability - AMETEK EMC

Avicenna Technology’s core competency is in laser ablation of polymers.  Avicenna leverages capabilities in laser ablation, laser welding, and thermoforming to develop and manufacture catheter and fine wire components for medical devices.  Avicenna develops components from a simple wire to complex full device assembly.

  • Precision Laser Ablation of Coils
  • Laser Marked Cables
  • Precision Laser Ablated Lead Bodies
  • Laser Etched Lead Bodies
  • Laser Welded Electrode Assemblies
  • Laser Drilled Tubes
  • Micro Cabling
  • Fine Wire Termination
  • Precision Laser Ablation of Wire
  • Precision Laser Ablation of Sensors
  • Ultrasound Cables
  • Laser Tube Marking
  • Laser Ablated Shafts
  • Laser Micro-Welded Sub-Assemblies