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Implantable Medical Devices

Implantable Medical Devices - Laserage

Laserage/AMETEK can provide processing of your implantable medical device components from laser cutting to the finished component, including the intermediate steps that may include annealing, shape setting, micro-abrasive blasting, electropolishing and more.

When moving toward volume production, we offer a full-menu of Process Validation options to meet your FDA requirements, including DOE, pFMEA, FAI, MSA, IQ, OQ/PQ and reporting. Laser-machined Nitinol, stainless alloys, titanium alloys, cobalt chrome alloys, magnesium and bioabsorbable plastics, among others, are all laser cut using our state-of-the art systems.

If you desire finished components, our team of talented product engineers will work with you to achieve the highest quality component from R&D through volume production, for the most challenging geometries. Our tool box of lean management techniques utilizes standard work, Kaizen, Kanban and Takt Time to continuously improve our processes and ensure the highest quality products, at competitive prices.