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Medical Instrument Components

Laserage - Medical Instruments

Laserage/AMETEK can provide precision processing of your medical instrument and equipment component or assemblies. Whether your requirement is a Nitinol flexible shaft for tortuous anatomy access, a titanium torque shaft for drilling or a stainless “bellied” wire for delivery system actuation, we have the capabilities to meet your need. Our extensive experience ranges from flex reamer manufacturing to neurovascular occlusion. Laser welding of cobalt chromium for vascular imaging systems and precision laser hole drilling in stainless steel for aspirators are a few regular operations at Laserage/AMETEK.

Once the laser processing operation is complete then secondary requirements like micro-blasting or acid passivation are ready to be performed in house. Cleaning, drying, weighing, packaging and labeling are all capabilities that we utilize daily, for our customers. Double bagging for cleanroom introduction and redundant labeling help satisfy even the most demanding requirements.

At Laserage/AMETEK we have the flexibility to be able to start a research project with our customer and continue with the project to see development and validation through to completion. Then our customer has the comfort of know we have the breadth of experience, the options for manufacturing locations and the resources of AMETEK to take their medical project to manufacturing through the life of the product.