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Orthopedic Components

Ortho Components

As the medical industry continues to advance with new technologies and improved procedures, Laserage/AMETEK continues to adapt with the industry changes by providing cutting-edge services and laser capabilities. We’ve helped improve medical devices in a wide variety of orthopedic projects. The most common biomaterials in the orthopedic market include Ti and Ti alloys, Polymethylmethacrylate, alumina, zirconia and more. The importance of these material is to provide the proper resistance, strength and durability so that the medical devices can provide optimal treatment for patients.

Laserage/AMETEK offers a wide variety of laser welding capabilities for metal implant materials for the orthopedic industry. Some of our medical device capabilities include laser cutting, surface finishing, electro-polishing and micro-blasting. Our team of experts works hard to deliver optimal services to help improve devices used in the orthopedic industry every day.