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Stent Manufacturing

Stent Manufacturing - Medical Devices

Stent manufacturing applies to a wide variety of medical applications including cardiovascular applications, birth control, kidney stone pain control and esophageal and gastrointestinal uses. Each of these medical applications requires a precise design and technologically advanced manufacturing technique. Laserage/AMETEK utilizes its broad-based experience in stent manufacturing to serve clients worldwide.

We use the highest-grade stent materials and cutting, finishing and inspection techniques to provide customers with a solution to even the most challenging medical application. Our state-of-the-art stent production equipment (lasers, optics, positioning systems and CNC programs), along with the expertise of our engineering team, allows Laserage to meet your needs while maintaining a fine balance between quality and cost.

Additionally, our proficiency in Nitinol shape-setting and forming gives our clients an unmatched advantage in a competitive global ecosystem. Nitinol is increasingly becoming the material of choice in stent manufacturing, surgical applications, orthopedic implants and dentistry. Learn more about Stent Manufacturing in our eBook, The Evolution of Medical Stents.