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Global Manufacturing

With multiple facilities worldwide, AMETEK EMC manufactures state-of-the-art medical device components and assemblies on a global scale.

AMETEK EMC’s Harmonized Quality Policy for all facilities and their employees are responsible for:

A. Delivering defect free products and services on time.
B. Meeting or exceeding all customer requirements and expectations.
C. The continued suitability and effectiveness of the Quality System.

This quality policy is used as a basis to ensure that the QMS, as documented and implemented, is compliant with ISO 13485. However, certain product specifications or Customer Agreements may require QMS document compliance with statutory or regulatory standards outside of these ISO standards. This may include, but is not limited to: 21 CFR (parts 11 or 820), UL, or possible foreign body directives (i.e, RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals, CA proposition 65, etc.)

We have proven our commitment to quality by registering ISO 13485:2016 at all of our FDA-registered manufacturing facilities. Our manufacturing experts and process engineers will partner with you to ensure effective and efficient production control. Our manufacturing teams are agile and responsive and execute a high mix/high capacity/fast turn operations model.

Key global manufacturing capabilities include:

Precision Interconnects
Product Assembly
Liquid Silicone Molding and Silicone Transfer Molding
Injection Molding
Custom Cable Design
Ultrasonic and Resistance Welding
Internal PCB Assemblies
Custom Connectors
Device Packaging and Sterilization
Precision Laser Ablation of Coils
Precision Laser Ablated and Serialized Lead Bodies
Laser Welded Electrode Assemblies
Laser Drilled, Ablated, and Marked Catheter Shafts
Micro Cabling and Ultrasound Cables
High Density Fine Wire Termination
Precision Laser Ablation of Wire and Discreet Sensors
Laser Micro-Welded Sub-Assemblies
Fine Wire Twisting, Serving, Shielding, Extrusion and Cabling
Precision tube processing for medical devices, medical implants, stents, and surgical tools
Precision laser cutting metals, plastics, and ceramics
Precision laser metal welding (including hermetic sealing) for medical device assemblies
Precision laser drilling metals, plastics, and ceramics
Metal finishing
Tube bending for small components
Thermo processing