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Avicenna New Dual Logo


Laser Ablation, Laser Welding, Catheter and Fine Wire Components for Medical Devices.

  • Avicenna Technology is a leading provider of laser ablated fine wire and laser machine polymer tubing for the medical device market.
  • Avicenna leverages a wide variety of laser-based technologies to solve unique engineering challenges and manufacture product solutions for the Medical Device market.

TSE - New Dual Logo


Densyty & Custom Interconnect Solutions

  • DENSYTY : Interconnect System uses proven card edge technology to maximize contact density, performance and usability.
  • TSE has been designing custom interconnect solutions for 25+ years and is a market leader in custom connector design.

Laserage - New Dual Logo


Stent Manufacturing, Orthopedic Components, Implantable Medical Devices

  • Laserage is your Premier Full-Service laser processing company for precision tube cutting, laser welding, drilling, scribing and other custom services.
  • Laserage can precisely cut, drill, weld, scribe, and heat treat a wide variety of materials to meet any and all specification.