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AMETEK EMC’s centralized sourcing and purchasing team supports all our manufacturing locations around the world. Each of our locations follow the same processes making it easier for you as a supplier to do business with AMETEK EMC.



For your convenience, we have included some of our important documents for your reference.

Supplier Performance –
When our suppliers are successful, AMETEK is successful. We manage our supplier’s performance based on quality, delivery and service. If you are identified as a KEY supplier to our success, quarterly scorecards and performance information is shared with you. For most of our KEY suppliers, the method of receiving this information is via email, while others may require a regularly scheduled conference meeting.

Payment Requirements –
  • Our standard payment terms are net 90 from date of invoice.
  • Invoice price and unit of measure must match the Purchase Order for the invoice to be paid.
  • All invoices must reference a Purchase Order Number or an employee first and last name.
  • Invoices can be submitted electronically to our accounts payable department at or
  • Accounts Payable can be reached at the Corporate EMC office +1(612) 426-3555 or via email addresses above.

Prospective Suppliers –
Our philosophy is to source local to our manufacturing plants whenever possible to avoid expensive shipping fees and lead-times. We are looking for suppliers who are ISO 13485 certified, however will in some cases also accept ISO 9001. If you supply one of the commodities in the list below, we are interested in hearing from you.

*Please note that Freight Contracts are managed through Corporate AMETEK, this is not something that local AMETEK EMC is interested in.