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Technical Services for Electronics (TSE)

TSE Manufactures products on a global scale with sites in: The USA, China, Taiwan, and in 2017 the addition of Mexico. Each location is equipped with the capabilities to develop and manufacture the most complex products to meet the most demanding challenges.

TSE Capabilities : TSE leverages a broad base of interconnect technology capabilities to help customers design, develop, test, and manufacture innovative custom connectors and assemblies.

Densyty : The DENSYTY®; Interconnect System uses proven card edge technology to maximize contact density, performance and usability. The need for high contact density in a small form factor is increasing. 

Custom Interconnect Solutions : TSE has been designing custom interconnect solutions for 25+ years and is a market leader in custom connector design.

Design and Development : TSE’s application engineers work with your design and development engineers to provide the best Interconnect solution. Engineers have a strong expertise in interconnect manufacturing including customized design, prototyping, material selection, BOM management, injection molding and can lead projects.

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Address : 177 Industrial Parkway, Jackson, MN 56143, United States
Phone :    +1 612-426-3555

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Dan Capp
Director Technology Programs
+1 (847) 856-2229