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Avicenna was founded in 2000 with core competencies in laser ablating and automated processing of coated fine wire. Since its founding, Avicenna has leveraged these foundational competencies to develop best in class capabilities for laser welding fine wire to precious metal electrodes, laser machining polymer tube extrusions, fine wire cabling and shielding, and fine wire termination to PCB and flex circuits.

In 2015 Avicenna opened a facility in Reynosa Mexico to complement its Minnesota USA operations. Avicenna combines its Mexican assembly operations with its process capabilities for fine wire, tube extrusions, and welded electrodes to offer a complete solution for manufacturing catheter products.

Today, Avicenna serves as a vital contract manufacturing partner for customers with complex and high-volume catheter assembly requirements. Avicenna’s engineering and operating teams have expertise and scale that earn the trust of global device companies for new and next generation catheter products.

Avicenna’s US and Mexican operations are FDA and ISO 13485:2016 registered.


  • Precision Laser Ablation of Coils
  • Laser Marked Cables
  • Precision Laser Ablated Lead Bodies
  • Laser Etched Lead Bodies
  • Laser Welded Electrode Assemblies
  • Laser Drilled Tubes
  • Micro Cabling
  • Fine Wire Termination
  • Precision Laser Ablation of Wire
  • Precision Laser Ablation of Sensors
  • Ultrasound Cables
  • Laser Tube Marking
  • Laser Ablated Shafts
  • Laser Micro-Welded Sub-Assemblies
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Address : 1602 Benson Road, Montevideo, MN 56265, United States
Phone :    +1 612-426-3555
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Director Technology Programs
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