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Laserage is widely regarded as the medical industry-leading expert in laser contract manufacturing. Since 1979, we have been leading the way in the field of custom laser processing, providing medical device component fabrication with numerous laser manufacturing capabilities. 

Laserage Capabilities : Laserage is a laser processing service provider with a focus on precision medical device components. Equipped with a fleet of over 45 laser systems utilizing over 65 lasers, and driven by a team of 130 committed employees.

Stent Manufacturing : Stent manufacturing applies to a wide variety of medical applications including cardiovascular applications, birth control, kidney stone pain control and esophageal and gastrointestinal uses. Each of these medical applications requires a precise design and technologically advanced manufacturing technique. Laserage utilizes its broad-based experience in stent manufacturing to serve clients worldwide.

Orthopedic Components : Laserage offers a wide variety of laser welding capabilities for metal implant materials for the orthopedic industry.

Implantable Medical Devices : Laserage can provide processing of your implantable medical device components from laser cutting to the finished component, including the intermediate steps that may include annealing, shape setting, micro-abrasive blasting, electropolishing and more.

Medical Instrument Components : Laserage can provide precision processing of your medical instrument and equipment component or assemblies.

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