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The DENSYTY®; Interconnect System uses proven card edge technology to maximize contact density, performance and usability. The need for high contact density in a small form factor is increasing. New innovative medical devices that require high performance interconnects are being developed every day. AMETEK Engineered Medical Components has developed high-density interconnect solutions that meet customers’ needs and provide those customers with adaptability in an ever-changing market. DENSYTY® interconnect systems can be scaled or modified to fit the needs of many applications, and are tested to meet industry standards, providing confidence in the products connection.

Densyty - Card Edge Contact Technology

Customizing DENSYTY:

Understanding that one size does not fit all, AMETEK EMC can customize many design elements to find an optimal solution for a particular product. Those elements include:

  • Card Thickness
  • Contact count, spacing, pad dimensions
  • Plating materials and thicknesses
  • Mating spring finger forces
  • Card insert/withdrawal forces
  • Termination methods
  • Mounting of active and passive components
  • Flexible circuits

Locking Feature:

  • 90 degree
  • 45 degree
  • 30 degree
  • “Push-lock” or “auto-lock” 


  • Panel mounting
  • In-line cable
  • Custom profile


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Director Technology Programs
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