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Precision Engineering

Precision Engineering - Capability Details

AMETEK EMC offers technical expertise and precision engineering to support customers in the development and manufacture of the most demanding applications.

Understanding what our customers need is key in the process of engineering the right solution to fill that need. Our team of experts collaborate with customers to develop and define requirements to establish the desired target for a solution. We leverage our expertise in a wide range of technologies including: laser processing, fine wire twisting and cabling, termination, high-speed automation, machine vision, insert molding, liquid silicone molding, potting, gluing, custom interconnects and cable assembly, catheter components and systems, implanted lead components, ultrasound assemblies, precision laser machining services and more to map from requirements to solution output.

  • Let us design and fine tune a custom interconnect to pair with your custom device. Our Engineering teams have the expertise to design a purpose-built assembly down to each component necessary to meet the device’s requirements.
  • Not sure what material to use or how to design something with a specific material in mind? We can optimize the design for materials and can help you understand specific properties, geometrical, and manufacturability challenges to help make the right decision for your product.
  • Tight tolerances or restrictive requirements? Our Engineering teams are well versed in analysis techniques that provide a high degree of confidence in a design meeting those requirements.
  • Our Engineering and Operations teams are experts in manufacturing. We can customize a process and scale it to meet specific requirements leveraging our knowledge in a range of processes from manual operator to fully-automated solutions.
  • If you have quality issues with an existing product, our team can help identify root causes and engineer a solution from minor changes in design or process to a total reimagination of the component or assembly.