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Robotic Surgical Instruments - AMETEK EMC

Robotic Surgical Instruments

AMETEK Engineered Medical Components (EMC) is a leading manufacturer of components of robotic surgery equipment for the medical device industry. Unlike traditional manufacturers, we offer laser-welded metal component assembly that delivers key advantages for robotic components.
Higher Precision for Robotic Components
With laser cutting and welding, we have helped our customers develop the most advanced stainless-steel tube assemblies for their robotic surgical instruments. Our experts provide the most precise accuracy and reliable components as required by the market.

With the increased focus on precision and patient safety, laser technology offers superior assembly precision and unmatched weld reliability for medical component manufacturing.

Robotics - Components Precision laser-cut tubular profiles and unique laser-welded assembly
Rapid Production Rates
Time to market is of importance in the medical device industry. We design and develop components for laser cutting and welding for faster production rates so that you can bring in and launch your robotic surgical instruments in the market on your schedule.
Cost-effective Solutions
We are also able to give cost benefits to our customers. Since our tech is repeatable and CNC controlled, we can achieve economies of scale and production efficiencies.
40 Years Medical Device Expertise
With over 40 years of experience in the medical device market, a team of highly experienced engineers, both product design and development as well as sustaining engineering, focus on meeting or exceeding customer expectations in the surgical instrument field.
World-Class Medical Component Manufacturing
AMETEK EMC is made up of 3 brands: Avicenna, Laserage and TSE. Each brand is focused on unique processes in the manufacturing of components and assemblies for robotic instruments.
Our EMC processes include:
  • Laser cutting and welding
  • Precision Tube cutting and welding
  • Nitinol shape setting
  • Micro-blasting
  • Electro-polishing
  • Electrode assembly
  • Custom Electrical Interconnects
  • Plastic cutting
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Director Technology Programs
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