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Surgical & Medical Instruments

With over 40 years of experience, AMETEK Engineered Medical Components (EMC), has emerged as a leading manufacturer of surgical and medical instruments in the medical device industry. On this long journey, we’ve invariably focused on delivering optimal solutions to our customers.

From product design and development, precision engineering, and pre-production to commercialized manufacturing, supply chain management, and quality assurance for cable assemblies and custom interconnects, laser-processed polymers, catheter assemblies, and sub-components, laser-processed metals including NiTi and metal post-processing.
Robotic Surgical Equipment:
Ametek EMC uses highly precise laser ablation processes to manufacture robotic surgical components and assemblies for our customers.

In the last decade, the demand & adaptation of robotic surgical equipment has been observed more than ever, growing at the rate of a CAGR of over 19.3% between 2022 and 2030.

Each of our brands focuses on certain manufacturing techniques for creating parts and assemblies for robotic instruments. TSE's emphasis on customized electrical interconnects, and cables, Avicenna's capability to laser ablate small wire insulation to demanding standards, and Laserage's capability to safely laser weld important instrument metal components are just a few examples of these special processes which we follow.

Surgical & Medical Instruments - Minimally Invasive Devices Laser cut stainless tube and laser welded SS positioning wires as well as laser cut Nitinol flex-shaft

We use a collaborative method to fully understand our client's needs, design simple solutions, create and test prototypes, and validate approval for production.
Electrosurgical equipment
Electrosurgical equipment involves all three of our facilities. At Laserage, we carry out laser cutting and welding of electrosurgical tubular components. Avicenna has been doing ablation, and precision wiring small diameter twisted pair electrical. And, on the TSE side, in addition to the custom interconnects, we’re doing complete cable assembly for electrosurgical instruments.

We support our customers in this market as a provider of customized interconnect and cable solutions. This includes ENT and plastic surgery solutions such as Microdebrider cables, Surgical drill cables, Signal cables for patient interface measurement, Sinuscope cables, etc.

Surgical & Medical Instruments

Ametek’s surgical & medical instruments are manufactured using high-standard & approved biomaterials. The majority of our components are produced using the most biocompatible metal titanium and its titanium alloys to rule out any chance of toxicity. We also work with metals like stainless steel whenever needed and we are also involved in working with non-metal implant materials such as PEEK, alumina, zirconia, and more for cable insulations, components for minimally invasive devices, etc.

At AMETEK EMC, we utilize the latest in precision laser processing capabilities.  We bring multiple advantages to our clients including advanced engineering, and a cumulative experience of over 30 years in the industry.  Precision cutting of tubes and sheets as well as precision welding with lasers is the key to our capabilities.  And, with our technological and engineering expertise, we provide the best solutions to your orthopedic end-product needs.

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